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Property maintenance

In addition to health issues, regulatory maintenance for home saving you daily unrequested spent money. As health of our home equipment’s directly affecting the electricity bills. Also plumbing system and minor leakages leads to high water bills.

A maintenance contract with a good technical team will make your life easier. Rather than having surprises from maintenance issues. Or unneeded high consumption in electricity and water.

“Cost saving is a world trend as economical situations changes rapidly all over world”

And if you are investing in your home. You are expecting to have a good income not to be spent on maintenance only. Most of homes now having central AC units. Water heaters, Water pumps and some of them working with solar powered water heaters. All manufacturers are advising users by the circulatory maintenance. To keep the health up for the equipment’s specially that exposed to weather like AC external units above roof

Property maintenance contract

Here we will discuss what are the main points we are checking regularly during annual maintenance contracts. First before contract agreement, we send our engineering team to check all home components.

And generating a health status report for the house we inspect. To let us put a clear maintenance plan as per the inspection input. Then we offer our customers 3 maintenance packages as per their budget and requirements.

Services description

  • Clearing blockages
  • Fixing leaking pipes
  • Adjusting booster pump pressure
  • Adjusting heater coil and thermostat
  • Cleaning for water tanks
Plumbing works
  • Clearing short circuits
  • Replacement for fused breakers
  • Replacement for damaged wiring accessories and light fixtures
  • AC general services, like filters and coils cleaning, gas top up and pressure calibration
  • Control board repairing or replacement
  • Compressors replacement
  • Motor fan for internal units’ replacement
  • AC duct cleaning
AC repair

Property Maintenance Packages

Property Maintenance packages including civil, electrical, plumbing works. With Emergency call outs for some specific situation described in the contact.

Also, customers requesting fit out works like new flooring, decorative walls, decorative paint works. So, when you are dealing with a team caring about your comfort. Then you will not bother yourself searching for contractors for everything you need to do.

Nefertari prides itself having an experienced team of engineers and technicians with high qualifications. And we have cooperation channels with most talented interior design companies and personnel.

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