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What is property snagging?

Property Snagging is a term widely used in construction and it describes the process of new home inspection

Which enabling you to identify what are the issues with new home, and this issues are listed in snag report

Snagging report usually comes with photos from the property with underneath comment

with a clear description for the issue and its location.            

And this snagging report is handed over to the property developer to work on the highlighted issues rectification.

Usually snagging conducted by home inspection company as it requires experience in construction, electrical, mechanical and plumbing knowledge

Snagging inspectors are focusing on how to find the issues that will impact on the end-user experience

Also proper inspection requires the understanding of all owner rights from the property developer

As in the rush of construction, property developers are focusing on the time of property handover

more than the quality works by contractors

Property snagging
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