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Get professional snagging inspection for your new home
Home inspection in Dubai

Insure you get property quality worth you money

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DAMAC announced cluster Victoria at Akoya oxygen as ready for handover
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Property snagging in Dubai

Property handover

We congrats you having new property, Celebrate it having your property clear of defects, Here NEFERTARI comes to handle this time-consuming process on your behalf, Using our engineering experience to highlight major and minor quality faults in your property, To ensure that you get the quality you have paid for 

Home inspection in Dubai is most important step before taking your property full ownership is to highlight the defects check list to the developer

Read more about snagging.


What we do in snag inspection

Home inspection in Dubai

1st Viewing

We visit the property once you get notified by the developer

Conduct Snagging

We make inspection for all the property contents and write down comments with evidence photographs along with functional tests for plumbing, AC, Electrical works

Snag Report

Within 24 hours after inspection, Report will be sent to the developer for rectification

2nd Viewing

We attend on inspection to verify that all highlighted comments had been rectified properly


Why new build-Property have defects

Fact: cost of professional inspection less than maintenance cost

In every stage of building process, workmanship defects still appearing in the handover stage and not rectified until being highlighted by professionals

Building materials

Building Materials

Building materials durability is the most reason of defects appearing by time, and handover stage always be at long time from finishing stages that it shows defects at handing over stage

Quality control

Quality Control

Quality control issue due to massive quantity of building inspections and procedures which leads to many defects at snagging time

Equipment's malfunction
Equipment’s Malfunction

Most of equipment’s malfunctioning as they are installed in earlier time and the nature of building process affecting them badly


About Us

Here are the reasons to choose Nefertari as a third party inspector

Professional Team

Our experienced engineers had conducted hundreds of snag inspections through years

Cost Saving

We help you saving money twice, first when we highlight the defects in your property to be fixed by the developer, Second as of our competitive fees .

Professional Guide

We understand will the handover procedure with almost of the developers in UAE which makes hand over process easier than ever.

Smart Experience

We had invented a smart snag reporting criteria which put us on top of snag inspection companies.

Strict Timings

Our team handle the snag inspection on time agreed with the developer for hand over process and report initiated with 24 hours strictly.

Reputed Company

Our reputation is well known between our clients because of our engineering experience and accountability with our customers.


Maintenance Services

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Civil Works Maintenance

Tiling and Grouting

Internal paint works

External paint works

False ceiling

Gypsum board

MEP Maintenance

AC maintenance

AC general servicing

Plumbing works

Booster pumps

Electrical Works

Solar water heater

Cleaning Services

Water tanks disinfection

Solar heater tanks flushing

Deep cleaning services

Hourly cleaning services

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Emergency calls

Call us 24/7. We are there for emergency maintenance services

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