What is the time of Snagging “House inspection” ?

Snagging or house inspection is conducted at the property handing over stage, And before taking the complete ownership of the property.

The property developer notifies the owners for the property viewing date which is called “1st viewing”, at the 1st viewing time snag list or property check list shall be prepared and highlighted to the property developer.

Property developer starts to work on the check list and rectify the highlighted comments, Then notifying the owner for the “2nd viewing” which is called de/snagging, Here owner or his representative carries out the de/snag inspection and ensuring all comments are rectified properly.

In case that some of the comments are not rectified or being done on inappropriate way, then this comments are re-opened again by the owner.

Then a third viewing appointment for the property is carried on after ensuring that everything is clear in the unit, Here comes the final stage which is Key turnover.

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House inspection
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